Alternators and Starters Mechanic Service in Dandenong

If you find that your car takes a long time to start, there might be an issue with the starter motor of your car. Get in touch with the experienced and skilled team at Mob Tech Autos of Hallam when you need comprehensive repairs for your car’s starter motor or alternator.

The starter motor of your car helps start your engine and will function only when the car’s battery is fully charged. The alternator helps charge the battery of your car. If you notice any clicking sound when you turn on the ignition, it may mean that your car has loose or dead batteries.

Keeping Your Car’s Alternators & Starters in Good Condition

Your car’s alternator is an important component in your car as it not only keeps the batteries charged for the next use, but it also converts all the mechanical energy to electrical energy to power up the entire electrical component of your car. There are various signs that you need to look out for if you suspect that there’s an issue with the alternator or starter motor of your car:

  • Whirring noise while turning the ignition
  • Warning lights on dashboards (ALT, GEN, “battery” symbol)
  • Smell of burning rubber or hot wires
  • Dimming of dashboard lights and headlights

If you aren’t sure that the issue is with the battery, alternator, or starter motor, leave your car to us and we’ll inspect the vehicle to find out the core of the issue.

Reach out to our team today on 0421 431 125 if you have any questions. We’re well known for our services in the regions of Hallam, Dandenong, Hampton Park, or Narre Warren.

Alternators & Starters Dandenong


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