Enhanced Safety Measures with Brake and Clutch System Maintenance

The brakes of your car are one of the most important safety features and should always be in great condition. Let the skilled team at Mob Tech Autos perform a thorough inspection of your brakes and clutches and do the necessary repairs so that you can enjoy your drive.

You’re sure to receive complete brake services when you choose to work with our skilled team. We can work on the braking system of foreign and domestic cars of all makes and models.

Complete Brake and Clutch Inspections and Repairs for Your Car

If at all you notice any sign that indicates that your brakes are not functioning properly, get them inspected immediately by our professionals to avoid expensive repairs in the future. Some of the symptoms include:

  • The car pulls in a particular direction while braking
  • Steering wheel shudders
  • Screeching, squealing, or grinding sounds while applying brakes
  • Takes a lot of time for the car to come to a complete stop
  • Brake fluid leaks
  • Malfunctioning handbrakes
  • Brake pedal feels either low or hard

You can count on us to supply you with top-quality brake replacement parts if your car needs it. We can repair or replace any part of your car, including disc rotors, brake callipers, brake lines, master cylinders, and hoses.

Since your clutch controls the gears of your vehicle and helps with steering your car, you can trust us to work on that too! With our attention to detail and quick servicing, we’re well known for Brake and Clutch Repairs Service in Dandenong, Hallam, Hampton Park and Narre Warren at pocket-friendly prices.

Call us today on 0421 431 125 if you have any questions regarding our brake and clutch servicing.

Brake & Clutch Repairs


We provide top notch maintenance service for all types of vehicles.
We provide service and repair to the following makes:

  • General Motors
  • Toyota
  • Lexus
  • Ford
  • Mazda
  • Holden
  • Kia
  • Mitsubishi
  • Nissan
  • Renault
  • Hyundai
  • Audi
  • Rover
  • Saab
  • Volkswagon
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